Private Dog Training



Our private training programs start out with a 90min Initial Consultation. During this consultation we will unpack your dog’s L.E.G.S and create a training plan that is unique to your dog’s specific needs.

Private training is a good option if your dog is struggling with or exhibiting any of the following behaviors: alert barking, stranger danger, leash reactivity, hyperactivity (too friendly/tigger syndrome), defensive behavior (aggression), handling/grooming issues, fear of other dogs and so on.

These issues usually require a long term behavior modification plan specifically designed for your pet.

What you will learn

How positive reinforcement training works

How Positive Reinforcement training works

Positive reinforcement is the process where we reinforce the behavior we want to see in our dogs and allow undesirable behavior to fall away. Motivating reinforcers are unique to each individual dog and can range from life rewards such as going for a walk, playing outside, squeaky balls, frisbees, and food to walking away from a scary trigger.
How to communicate with your dog without using commands

How to communicate with your dog without using commands

Using clicker training and games such as engage/disengage, mark and move and LAT (look at that), we teach your dog how to keep itself below threshold and behave independently in a stressful situation without needing you to always be cuing alternate behaviors like sit/down etc.
How to be an advocate for your dog

How to be an advocate for your dog

One of the most important take aways from training with us will be a renewed relationship with your dog. You will learn to understand and respect your dog’s needs in a new way that changes your relationship with your dog from that of dog owner to dog advocate.


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Who is this for?

Dogs with serious behavior Issues

If your dog is exhibiting serious problem behaviors that cannot be addressed in a group setting or are context specific, private training is the best option for you.

Dogs that need time to learn

Just like people dogs learn at different rates. Private training allows the trainer to work at your dog’s specific learning pace and ensure that your dog is successful in their training journey.

Owners that are committed to their dog’s success

Private training requires 100% commitment from the pet parent in order for the training to be successful. Behavior Mod and Training is a relationship between dog and handler if communication from the handler is not consistent the training will fall away and your dog will not be successful.