Our private training programs start out with a 90min Initial Consultation. During this consultation we will unpack your dog’s L.E.G.S and create a training plan that is unique to your dog’s specific needs.

Private training is a good option if your dog is struggling with or exhibiting any of the following behaviors: alert barking, stranger danger, leash reactivity, hyperactivity (too friendly/tigger syndrome), defensive behavior (aggression), handling/grooming issues, fear of other dogs and so on.

These issues usually require a long term behavior modification plan specifically designed for your pet.

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Positive reinforcement-based dog training is a training method that focuses on rewarding dogs for good behavior instead of punishing them for bad behavior. This training method uses treats, toys, and praise to motivate and encourage dogs to learn new skills and behaviors.

The basic principle of positive reinforcement is simple: dogs will repeat behaviors that are rewarded and stop behaviors that are not rewarded. This means that instead of punishing a dog for unwanted behavior, such as jumping on people or barking excessively, we focus on teaching the dog an alternative behavior that is rewarded, such as sitting or lying down.

Positive reinforcement-based training is a humane and effective way to train dogs. It is based on the understanding that dogs learn best through positive experiences and rewards. When we reward a dog for good behavior, we are reinforcing that behavior and encouraging the dog to repeat it.

This training method is not only effective, but it is also enjoyable for both the dog and the owner. Dogs learn faster and are more willing to learn when they are having fun and being rewarded for their efforts.

Positive reinforcement-based training is used for basic obedience training, as well as behavior problems such as separation anxiety, fear, and aggression.


Choice-based dog training is a training method that allows dogs to have a say in their training. It gives dogs the opportunity to make choices and have control over their environment, which in turn, encourages them to learn and engage in training.

The principle of choice-based dog training is to offer the dog a range of choices and allow them to choose the behavior that they prefer. For example, instead of forcing a dog to sit, the trainer will ask the dog if they would like to sit, and if the dog chooses to sit, they will be rewarded. If the dog chooses not to sit, the trainer will offer another option for the dog to choose from.

This method of training is based on the understanding that dogs are intelligent beings who can make choices and learn from their experiences. By giving them the ability to make choices, we are empowering them and creating a positive learning environment.

Choice-based dog training is often used to address more complex behavior problems such as fear, anxiety, and aggression.

This training method is not only effective, but it is also enjoyable for both the dog and the owner. Dogs are more willing to engage in training when they are given choices and control over their environment. As a result, the bond between the dog and the owner is strengthened, and the dog becomes more confident and well-behaved.

In conclusion, choice-based dog training is a training method that empowers dogs and encourages them to learn through making choices. By giving dogs the ability to make choices, we are creating a positive learning environment and building a strong bond between the dog and the owner. It is an effective and enjoyable way to train dogs and address behavior problems.


One of the most important take aways from training with us will be a renewed relationship with your dog. You will learn to understand and respect your dog’s needs in a new way that will change your relationship with your dog from being one of owner of your dog to spokesperson of your dog.

How it Works

How positive reinforcement training works

We start all Behavior Cases with a 90min Initial Consultation.

An In-Person Behavior Consultation consists of the Following:

  • A Trainer will meet up with you at your residence for 90min
  • A discussion of your dog’s behavioral, social, medical and training histories will take place
  • We will observe and evaluate your dog in its natural environment/home environment to get a better understanding of your dog’s behavior and needs
  • We will discuss your goals and concerns
  • We will develop a plan for moving forward
  • We will make possible referrals to veterinarians, veterinary behaviorists groomers etc
  • Begin the training/behavior modification


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How positive reinforcement training works

Follow Up Appointments

Follow up appointments for most behavior cases are usually every 1 – 2 weeks and can take place in person or via zoom.


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