Private Puppy Training



Our private in-home puppy package is a 6 session package that covers everything puppy from potty training, to nipping and biting, to jumping up, to destructive chewing, to confinement and supervision.

What you will learn

How to set up your home environment to ensure your pup’s training success

How to train your pup yourself so that you can train long after the trainer has left

How to maintain your pup’s good behavior into its adult years


What is Included

Potty Training and Enrichment Schedules

Confused about how to manage your puppy’s day. We develop day plans and schedules to give you direction.

Homework and Instructional Handouts

No need to take notes during your training sessions as we follow every session with Instructional handouts and homework material.

Email, Text Access to your trainer

During the 6 week course your trainer will be just a text, email or phone call away should you need reassurance, feedback or advise.

Who is this for?

Brand new puppy parents

This program is perfect for families that are thinking of, or have just added, a new furry family member to their home.

Unvaccinated puppies

Ready to get started on your pup’s basic manners but they’re still too young to join a group class. This is a great option to get them set up on the right path from the very beginning.

Pet Parents with complicated schedules

If you have a schedule that changes frequently this might be the program for you. Sessions can be scheduled with your trainer at your convenience.