Group Training Classes

Group Training Classes

Group training can be a very positive alternative to private training. A group dog training class is not only a great way to keep your dog socialized and learn new skills but it allows you to meet and build a rapport with fellow pet owners in your community.

Our Basic Manners Group Class covers skills such as sit, down, focus, stay, wait, recall, polite walking and leave it.
  • Your dog will benefit from socialization ie new environment, people dogs
  • Learning how to focus around distractions
  • Your dog will learn lots of new skills and commands.
  • Strengthen the bond between you and your dog
  • Your puppy/dog will have habituated to novel experiences
  • Your puppy/dog will be better equipped to navigate social settings
  • You will learn about behavior issues not necessarily related to your dog
  • You will learn how to train new behaviors with your dog.

Group classes are taught following a set curriculum and is often a good way to learn basic commands and behaviors. However, if your dog is chasing the neighbor’s cat or bolting out the front door, it may be best to work on that specific behavior in a private training session.

Is this course right for my dog? The group class training environment can actually be a great place for a shy or excited dog since interacting during class time is discouraged. This allows the shy dogs to learn that they will not be bothered when other dogs are around and the excited dogs to learn that pushy behavior does not bring other dogs over. If your dog is reactive or extremely anxious in the presence of other dogs/people the group class is not a good learning environment for them. Private sessions where they can learn at their own pace and time is the best option for these pups.

Meet the Trainer


Quinn is our resident group class trainer. Quinn’s teaching experience comes from many years both teaching and designing group classes at the Pasadena Humane Society.



Our basic manners class is 6 weeks and will cover skills such as Sit, Down, Focus, Stay, Wait, Recall, Leave It and Polite Walking. All classes include an obstacle course to encourage confidence building and handler/dog bonding.


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Our group classes are semi-private meaning we host only a small group of pups at a time. The classes take place outdoors in a residential home so real life distractions such as squirrels, cats, birds and neighbors are built into the course.

In order to achieve training success we encourage you to attend all classes in their scheduled sequence. Classes cannot be transferred or rescheduled so if you miss a session you may want to schedule a private session with your trainer in order to catch up.


With the weather warming up, pool covers coming off and beach days swim safety is a must for pups of all shapes and sizes.


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Good Dog Spot has an above ground pool where we teach dogs to become comfortable in life jackets, build confidence around water and most importantly how to return to a point of origin if they do not swim naturally. We also teach them how to be comfortable in the water to reduce panic if they should fall in. For those natural swimmers running up the ramp and diving into the pool is blast!


Treibball is a fun sport that combines dog soccer and urban dog herding. Your dog will get to work off leash while learning the fundamentals which include balancing around an exercise ball, sending your dog to the ball and pushing the ball. Your dog will learn off leash and distance skills in a safe, fenced-in setting. You will to work as a team and eventually your dog will push the ball around an obstacle course and play games.


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Dogs work one at a time and are crated while other dogs are working.


4 weeks  $200


This is a confidence building, non-competative class where your dog will get to work one at a time. We will start their scent work journey by taping into their natural instincts and having them search for primary (food) odors. You will get to work on your relationship with with you dog by learning to read their body language, working as a team to reach a common goal on and off leash in a safe fenced-in area.


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Dogs are crated for safety while another dog is working.

4 weeks $200

REACTIVE ROVER 1.0 and 2.0

Owning a reactive dog can be stressful and life challenging. This class will unpack the fundamentals of Reactivity and will teach you skills to help you manage your reactive dog in an urban environment.


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REACTIVE ROVER 1.0: Owning a reactive dog can be stressful and life challenging. This class will unpack the fundamentals of Reactivity and will teach you skills to help you manage your reactive dog in an urban environment.

5 weeks $325

REACTIVE ROVER 2.0: This class is the second phase in our Reactive Rover program and is by invitation only. This class extends the work handlers and their dogs have accomplished in Reactive Rovers 1.0. This course will focus on extending the desensitization process (time outside barriers), adding duration to live dog exposure and increasing confidence in real world settings.

5 weeks $325